Bounding Volumes and animating models

Maybe I’m just not using them right, but what is the correct way to use bounding volumes and models that translate/rotate/scale? If I rotate a Mesh, do I have to call updateModelBounds on the Mesh every single time it is rotated. Is there a way to get the bounding Volumes to update themselves when they are changed? Considering vertexes aren’t changing (just model rotation), it seems like a waste to do a fresh updateModelBounds which looks thru all the vertexes again. As an example look at TextMaxJmeWrite’s bounding boxes. They don’t rotate at all with the model.

It’s not you, there are problems with bounding boxes not handling rotations very well. The box itself is axis aligned, so it should grow/shrink to support the rotation, however, because the vertices don’t change (the box doesn’t see the orientation of the model when calculating the bounding) the box stays the same size. This is a limitation and needs to be resolved.