Brainstorming Achievements

We will soon be applying an “Achievements” plugin to our site. Read more about it here:

It will allow us to reward users (not to mention ourselves, he he!) with with small tokens of our appreciation when you’ve contributed somehow to the community. If you’ve ever participated in a community like StackOverflow/Exchange or Xbox Live for that matter, you should be familiar with the concept. The biggest difference here is that these rewards will be far less automatic, and more directly human-moderated.

Simply put though: Do good things and you’ll be awarded with a little something next to your avatar to strut off with.

We need ideas!

What we need to figure out now is what kind of achievements we’d like to earn; how to earn them and what to call them. Here are some examples:

  • A user posts one or more great bug reports => “Grooming Monkey” achievement
  • A user in need of help writes very meticulously and to the point => “Gift of Speech” achievement.
  • A user posts a useful piece of code => “Code Monkey” achievement.
  • A user helps out a fellow user => “Monkey Caretaker” achievement

    We could also have some more lighthearted ones (maybe they should just be temporary):

  • RTFM - oh snap, you got direct-linked.
  • LMGTFY - A preemptive search would have made it all better.

    Erm sorry, I can only think of mildly negative funny ones right now. Help me out here.

    Got ideas for the achievements system itself?

    Great! You should discuss them over here:
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We could use the standart ones as well:

Time in forum lvl1 1hour

Time in forum lvl2 5hour

You successfully wasted a whole year browsing the forum

Also maybee a archivement like you collected 1000 thanks for your posts, ect

For the funny ones I suggest

Grammar Nazi


I can haz cheezburger? ( for english worse than google translator)

As long as I have the “Awesome monkey” achievement i’m ok with any system. :smiley:

EmpirePhoenix said:
Grammar Nazi
I can haz cheezburger? ( for english worse than google translator)

It's bad to mock people that desperately try to write correct English :(

We need a "plz do my work for me" achievement for too much demanding users, in reference to the greatest post ever ->

EDIT : could be the "dickz_rulez" acheivement :D