Brand new checkout, build script bug

Hi all, new user here.

I just downloaded all the code from CVS today.  So far so good.  I build with ant and it seems to go.  So I find the run-testchooser target and I start playing with that.

First thing I notice is that every time I type "ant run-testchooser" the entire source tree is recompiled.  Ouch.  Why?

So I poke around in the build.xml file and see this:

<javac source="1.5" target="1.5" srcdir="${src}/com" ...

Oops.  The srcdir element is already recursive.  No need to specify directories that are part of the package namespace, the javac command will recurse through the source tree automatically.  That's why the javac target was rebuilding everything: the source, without the "com" part of the package, didn't match anything in the destination dir, which did have the com in the package name.

Changed to this and ran a few tests, seems fine:

<javac source="1.5" target="1.5" srcdir="${src}" ...

Just thought I'd let yall know.

CVS would be jme1.

the svn repo at google code contains the current jme2, did you check out from there?

Oops, no the guide says to do CVS.  Let me find the svn stuff…

gameboy1234 said:

Oops, no the guide says to do CVS.  Let me find the svn stuff....

Can you link to the guide that said to use CVS?  We're on a hunt to make sure all the jME1 guides are clearly labeled as deprecated so newcomers don't have similar problems like you did :)

Yeah, it's the PDF version of your start-up guide. 

Found the link here:

It's the "(as PDF)" part, which goes to this document.  I don't see SVN mentioned in it.

Thank You :slight_smile:

That was written some time ago by a [still active] member.  His overview of the way the engine works is mostly still the same so if you'd like then it's a good read :)  Just make sure to use the wiki and forums for the technical how-to's :wink:

Yes, it seems that the "Getting Started" part is the only part that is out of date.  However it did throw me for a loop.  I have the SVN version now and it runs and everything.  Much nicer. :D  You may wish to add a note to the wiki that the PDF Getting Started is out of date and refer the reader to the wiki for download and testing.

Thanks for you help!