Brick Breaker (Balls vs Bricks)

Hello community,

Today I would like to share my latest Android game made with jME.


In Brick Breaker you get turn by turn shots to shoot and break the bricks (Tiles) before they reach the floor.
Unlock extra balls for you to shoot with and notice the fun physics happening before your eyes.
Collect stars and build up a credit which you can use later for special ball types. (Under development)
Even collect powers that can make your game play more fun.


Congratulations :tada:
Nice to see some more jME games in the store. :+1::grin:


Left a review :wink:

Side note: you left your debug text on.

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Hi there,
Hehe, thanks for the feedback.
I actually left it on, on purpose but should probably take it out for prod releases.

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