Broke after update?

Today I’ve let the jmonkeyplatform update everything that was availeble.

But now when I start jmonkeyplatform I get two errors saying that my graphics card needs to have support for opengl 2.0 and if so, needs to be updated.

Scenexplorer doesn’t work anymore after startup but my code runs fine. I’ve never had any trouble before.

The sad news is that my graphics card has the most recent updates installed :frowning:

its a geforce 8800 GS

please help me out? :slight_smile:

Theres an error log at [user home]/.jmonkeyplatform/dev/var/log/ can you see any errors in there hinting at whats happening? You can also try deleting that .jmonkeyplatform directory completely and re-updating jMP if the problem cant be resolved.

if there are other persons out there trying to use windows its not in your user home but in %appdata%

(I don’t have permission to install linux on this machine :frowning: )

for some creepy reason lwjgl.jar doesn’t exist on dev/modules/ext so I downloaded it and pasted it there, wasn’t a good idea. now the ide openswithout error messages but sceneviewer never opens.

So i just deleted the folder and it actually works XD

Windows does strange things to this appdata folder… :confused:

But now after all the updates it doesn’t work again

Hm, I get this too, seems like @Momoko_Fan broke the libraries in jme3 with some commit…

Ok, yes, he did change the settings to the lwjgl-debug.jar… I fixed that and am running a new build right now.

thats ok, as long as he’ll fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

do you know exactly the one that broke the update? so we can deactivate in the meantime :slight_smile:

What? Build should be done now, update again.

indeed, problem solved

thank you very much :slight_smile:

indeed, problem solved

thank you very much :slight_smile: