”Broken Platform ’default_platform”

Hello I have a problem with my 3 sdk! it does not recognize Java 7: / (or the 6 ^ ^) It recognizes no java! he said, “Broken Platform 'default_platform”

I did right click / properties / manage Java Platform / 7 searching for java but it does not work: /

I also want to help test the new jme me: '(

Uninstall the jme2 loader, also better look in the forum next time, this one has been answered just a day ago.

I saw the topic, and uninstall everything and reinstall the new it does not work.


No, don’t reinstall it, just uninstall the jme2 loader.

His return to the same: p I uninstalled jme2 and reinstall jme3 still not working: /

The platform list under “Tools” is broken too? What OS and java is this? OpenJDK won’t work. Also you need a JDK and not just a java runtime.

i have uninstalled with folder in %appdata% and already work …

Thanks :slight_smile: