[BUG] Anomaly in rendering

I can’t described because it’s particularly unexplanable, same code same machine, the difference

it is only the elapsed time between the correct scene and the now costant buggy scene.

Pratically I have launched many times the same scene without any problem,

now without any substantial modification, apart some coordinates repositioning,

I get this buggy scene. How can I solve?

Screenshot image:


Tnx and sorry because I am really a newbie with JMonkey  :P,  the effect is caused by code inserted today, yesterday I was using a cam near @ 1F, today @ 0.000001F

I am using some great class for atmoscattering maked by "org.ankh.unfall.planet", sorry I don't remember the name of the author  :stuck_out_tongue:

Bringing all to a minimum 0.001F (lesser decimals lesser noise) seems to work perfectly

cam.setFrustumPerspective(55.0f, (float) display.getWidth() / (float) display.getHeight(), 0.001F, 5000F);

Just in time, with JMonkey what could be cool approach to make a fast FX for atmospheric scattering? I tried blooming, but it works more for lightnng it seems… there are something like "spherical particle foggy"?

Another things, I noticed that my onboard ATI RADEON MOBILITY card does not support well LGWL, in fact many tests does not working with LWGL but works well with JOGL

Yes, I am trying to make some planet shading, in fact that scene is a simple planet selector before a flyby on a different scenario. Please can you suggest me to a test or a link? tnx

Here is the link http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/forum/index.php?topic=6410.0… You should also take into account that a ratio between close and far frustum planes should be rhoughly 1000, that is, if you want your far plane to be 5000, then your close one should be 5.

i had the same problem and it was the missing cullstates in the front and back atmo shader passes

its all in that thread linked above.