Bug in Render To Texture?

I’ve just downloaded the latest version of jME from cvs. Very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. However I have found a bug in TestCameraMan.

It doesnt show anything in the camera window. If I edit LWJGLTextureRenderer and set useDirectRender to false the camera renders correctly.

I’m using a Radeon 9600XT with somewhat up-to-date drivers.

Please use the most up to date drivers. useDirectRender is set automatically to true or false based on what your card reports it can handle. So your card is saying it can handle it, but then doesn’t.

:// yeah, latest drivers fixed the problem.

I had a problem with TestCameraMan. It rendered the seen form the last demo I ran( Why is it still in memory?). I thought it was the driver until I fond out that the other program with render to texture works.