[bug] Label hidden by parent.setBackground(TbtQuadBackgroundComponent...

I report bug here, may be it’s the wrong place ?

If I set background of a container

parent.setBackground(TbtQuadBackgroundComponent.create(bgImagePath, 1, 0, 0, bgImageWidth, bgImageHeight, 0, false));

then Label adding to parent aren’t displayed (but it works for Button).

Is it a bug or I miss something ?

Hi @david_bernard_31,

Do you have a work around for this issue. I also found out my labels are hidden behind the said TbtQuadBackgroundComponent. I have a look in the Lemur code, didn;t see anything seem to be wrong?

Weird that I never saw this post before even though it’s a year old… strange.

I have fixed a few bugs in this area in the last year… though because I’ve been waiting for JME to get a 3.1 release out, I haven’t posted a new Lemur release.

Even with the old bugs there was usually a work around, so whether you use the last posted release or built from the latest Lemur source code, I will need to understand most about how your UI is structured to look into what might be wrong.

Since I swith to javaFX, and I didn’t remember if I found a workaround. Sorry (not usefull)

@david: Ok thanks anyway,

@pspeed: The way i construct my UI is quite simple. The parent panel is made of a TbtQuadComponent which texture is a sprite from a bigger spritesheet. Then inside the parent panel I add various of elements. May be I’m applying methods from other library because I used Nifty and Tonegod beside of Lemur.

From the code side, I used Groovy to nest those panels like a Groovy Builder. I found Lemur styles very suitable with Groovy so I throw them together.

If you remember the fix or already fix this in new version please tell me how to get it. I’m kind of out of sync with JME3 recently, just update via the update center and the old contributor svn.


No, I mean can I see the actual setup code?

I guess from your answer that you are running against the downloaded jar. Are you also using stock JME 3.0 or do you build JME from source?