Bug report : no save proposal when editing mesh or node name


maybe I’m doing wrong, but I think, as the title of the topic mentions, that JME sdk do not consider changing mesh or node name as an action that would trigger save proposal. For now I’m modifying another field like scale or something with the node names in order to be able to save.

Thank you for fixing this asap


Known issue

Another one is that when a model has been attributed a material, there is no way to create another one for it, the line create new material isn’t there anymore.

Can I report small corrections to do somewhere else?

Thats not a bug, you can create materials simply by creating a new j3m file. The “create j3m” option implies that the geometry has material settings that no j3m file exists for (e.g. after import).

Along the lines of editing a mesh’s material… is there a way of removing materials? I’m not seeing it.

A geometry without material is invalid.

Thanks… I need to apply a standard material to all geoms for loading purposes. I was thinking remove… but I really should have been thinking generic.