BUI - Problem with AWTTextFactory

Hi guys,

This is the exception that I get...

        at com.jmex.bui.text.AWTTextFactory.<init>(AWTTextFactory.java:71)
        at com.jmex.bui.BLookAndFeel.configureDefaultLookAndFeel(BLookAndFeel.java:271)
        at com.jmex.bui.BLookAndFeel.getDefaultLookAndFeel(BLookAndFeel.java:258)
        at net.java.dev.bta.test.BUITest.simpleInitGame(BUITest.java:45)
        at com.jme.app.SimpleGame.initGame(Unknown Source)
        at com.jme.app.BaseGame.start(Unknown Source)
        at net.java.dev.bta.test.BUITest.main(BUITest.java:31)

... when I run the following code:

public class BUITest extends SimpleGame {
    private BRootNode broot;
    public BUITest() { }
    public static final void main(String args[]) {
        try {
            BUITest test = new BUITest();
        } catch (Exception e) {
        } finally {
    protected void simpleInitGame() {       
        broot = new BRootNode();
        BLookAndFeel lnf = BLookAndFeel.getDefaultLookAndFeel();
        BWindow window = new BDecoratedWindow(lnf, "A window!");
    protected void simpleUpdate() {
    protected void simpleRender() {

Is BUI going to be the standard for UI in jME? I have read the other threads, and I hope it does. Using BUI is intuitive, easy, and I won't have to learn anything fancy to use it ;)

Son Of Cain

If you have compiled bui yourself, recompile it. If you took a jar from somewhere: this jar was built against another version of jme - try to get one for the right jme version.


I got the .jar from <a href="http://samskivert.com/code/jme-bui/">here</a>, yesterday. So I suppose it was built upon the latest version of jME. Or am I wrong?

Son Of Cain

I had the same problem (here)

Looks like we simply have to wait until samskivert has updated the BUI jar :frowning:

I can offer you to use this one(jar was renamed to zip simply rename it to jar while saving) meanwhile…

Edit: works with the jME cvs version of today. Not with jME 0.9!

Fine! This one works.

That was the one problem from my thread.

Maybe you could throw a quick glance at the second one in the other thread? Would be very kind :slight_smile:

Anyway, thx for the zip! :smiley:

Thanks for the .jar, irrisor!

It would be nice if the work on BUI would be integrated in the engine source code. I don't know the details of this development, but can't Mr. samskivert get a java.net subcription and post his work at the jME source tree? Is there a license problem, or anything else preventing this from happening?

Son Of Cain

It's owned by Three Rings Design writing for their new game… just be glad they are kind enough to give access at all.

Oh, I see… So yes, I'm glad :smiley:

It's a nice work, indeed. I've got free time to develop, but I'm afraid I don't have the skills to help out in jME - just not yet. Working on my game makes me very busy as well. But if I would help out, it certainly would be in the UI - I feel it's where jME lacks the most effort.

But then again… using jME is a privilegy, and not a right :wink:

Son Of Cain