Build a single jme.jar file

I haven’t worked with jMonkeyEngine in quite some time, but I used to go to the nightly build page, and just download a single jME3.jar file that I could include in my projects. Since the nightly build page doesn’t exist at the moment, I was curious how I can get a single jar now?

I don’t do my development in the JME Eclipse app, but I will use it to build a single jar if I need to.

There has never been a “single jar” release of jME. Eclipse does recognize the classpath in the jMonkeyEngine3.jar and import the jar files in the lib directory automatically as well, so maybe you confuse that behavior with a “single jME3.jar”.

Nightly is not remotely usable for anything at the moment though, you should use 3.0 stable for any serious work. We don’t even currently need reports on errors with nightly because its so broken and we know it is. In a few months there might be test builds so the general public can help squish the last bugs before 3.1 comes out.

All release versions of 3.0 stable can be found here, from SDK to zipped jar versions:

True, I guess I did need a few other jars, but with my setup here I could just include this jme3-2014-3-31.jar and then I had access to all the objects. I’m just looking for a latest version of this if possible.

and a maven repo is available at:

awesome. Thanks guys!

I thought that 3.1 was supposed to be released on Q4 2014/ early 2015, but this statement imply otherwise.
BTW, kudos for the awesome works on the github repo! :smile:

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ha! Love it. Thanks @normen for that link. I updated my game to that latest zip files, and it’s working again :slight_smile: