Build error

The CVS build appears to be broken at the moment, after a clean update, I get the following errors during building:

The import com.jme.util.Vector3fPool cannot be resolved jMonkeyEngine/src/com/jme/scene/model/XMLparser line 29

The constructor XMLWriter(ByteArrayOutputStream) is undefined jMonkeyEngine/src/jmetest/renderer/loader line 34

Also, XMLSharedNode appears to be having trouble in XMLparser but is not displaying a error code (might be related to one of the other two).

I am sorry those are my fault :// I was experimenting with a Vector3f “pool” class as a way to save on memory, and I didn’t commit it to the CVS because it didn’t work the way I wanted it, yet forgot to remove it from SAXStackProcessor. Didn’t complain for me because I hadn’t deleted the file I’ll go thru tonight (super promise) and fix it (should be a few quick deletes). Thanks for bringing it up. I’m also gonna change the loader system a bit. Instead of loading from XML, I’m going to load from a jME binary format that is defined by XML. This way, files won’t be so bloated and will load quicker, yet won’t loose any human readability because jME <–> XML is a direct conversion.