Build server is up again

So, turns out the builds didn’t work because the power in the basement of Skyes parents was turned off :wink:

So this means soon you will get nightly updates again and also a 3.0.5 update for the SDK. I also cleaned up and fixed the building of SDK plugins from the contributions repo, so there will be updates for plugins incoming, including the new iOS deployment plugin.

Finally theres a build for a new SDK installer that contains jME 3.0.5, uses JDK 1.7u51 and Blender 2.69 and should fix installer issues people experienced on Linux. Existing users should download that as soon as its available, mainly because of the JDK and Blender versions.

Be prepared for a more verbose announcement of the 3.0 Final release soon :slight_smile:


woho, good job! =D

woop, great work!

O.o You mean… the Cow Level?

Eh… lame Diablo 3 reference.

This is awesome! And sorry for turning off the light switch >.<

gigglesnort That’s funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Afaik Skyes dad brought a lvl63 Axe too when he came back :wink:

Linux x64 is up, maybe somebody wants to check if it really works now:

The others are still uploading.

Ok, all installers are up now, also check if the download page works again if you had to use the direct file link before. The new Mac installer with JDK 1.7u51 gives me a nice speed bump for the swing UI and a properly working fullscreen mode. Windows version also works fine for me.

O.o shiny! Mommy wants!