Building a pipeline for ludumdare 48 hour game making competition

Im collecting my tool set for this weekend just thought I would post what I am going to be using.



IDE: Eclipse




SCENE GRAPH: jmonkey engine 3 Nightly Build



MUSIC : I have no idea maybe I will sing into the mic :slight_smile:

SUPPORT: The good people at jMonkeyEngine :slight_smile:

music : jamendo ( instrumental music tags)

1 Like is another great site for free sound effects. Try the beta site for a more enjoyable browsing experience:

As for music scores, this place is great:

Have you tested Blender2Ogre and made sure the essentials you need will work? Judging by forum posts as of late, results vary. It’s not an official plugin, and Blender 2.59 is still new territory.

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Also better make sure that your jme version runs with everything you need and don’t update that 48 hours then, cause since its work in progress stuff gets broken from time to time.

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This is my first time doing it. As far as I can tell they want you to create all the assets ART/MODELS/MUSIC During the competition.

Thanks for the great links though.


the exported seems to be working ok for mesh and skeletal. I will test a bit more today.

Do you know of a tutorial that shows how to convert the ogrexml files to JME files that doesnt use the SDK. Since this is such as fast compo I might just use the xml form and let it be slower. Edit: I found TestOgreConvert


I have no fear of broken jme:) Its been really stable for me even with nightly builds.

Its very exciting!!!


Good luck! Have a good time! If you need some more tips about DOs and "DO NOT"s, have

a look at a blog post I wrote some weeks ago:

I think your setup is good. For doing some music you could use LMMS ( )

…but maybe this is a bit too late for this LD! But it is a cool tool…and of course free! Maybe for upcoming events

Make sure you know how to publish a java game… (Don’t know if you use the sdk and how it works there as I didn’t use jME since 2.0)

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This also looks fun for music, but not sure if you have acces to a windows or mac platform:

Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:


Good article. I am going to keep it as simple as possible. I like you points about keeping the game playable and adding features as more of add ons instead of breaking the whole thing. Probably the hardest part for me will be making it fun :slight_smile: LMMS looks good but I dont think I will have time to learn it. I know how to use Hydrogen Drum machine and Audacity so I will just fake it.

I will try to tweet as much as I can if anyone wants to follow along and maybe test my game as it get done.

I will probably keep coming back here asking for help as well :slight_smile:


The theme is “Escape”.

Please flood with ideas for me:)


Ha you where right about the export puts a capital “F” on false values and makes the parser crash.

The Object comes in with its normals inverted.

Funny stuff

escape - Running down a hill with about a gazillion rocks (spheres) rolling down, and you gotta run to safety (reach a finish line). You will be running towards the camera and the rocks are coming towards the camera as well. Different size rocks, push you differently, they get in your way. The goal is to reach the end as fast as you can.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am going with a maze type game. Hopefully i will have time to add locks.

also if anyone is using blender exporter you will have to not flip the texture when you load the export

TextureKey roomTextureKey = new TextureKey(“Textures/roomtexture.png”, false); // second parameter does not flip the texure not sure why its flipped by default.

If anyone wants to try out what I have done so far. More then 1/2 way through the compo.

Only diffuse map?

Another thing I need to figure out with Blender to Ogre Export is how it calculates the Texture Vertices.

Seems like sometimes Its clock wise other times its Counter Clocks wise.

So when I Paint My Textures if I have Text sometimes I have to flip the Texture.

Here is my second build. I think I am going to call it quits after this.