Building a simulation


I’m working on a project that requires the use of physics to create a virtual model of a hand, and I’m hoping to use jME, mainly for the physics (eventually) and collision detection. But I’m confused with the multitude of options available for starting: there’s SimplePhysicsGame, BaseGame, and StandardGame (do the last two even allow physics?). There seem to be others, but I don’t think they allow physics either? Then I looked at JMESwingTest, which looks like something alike to what I want to achieve (i.e. it has some Swing controls, and then the model), and that doesn’t seems to use any of them, it used JMECanvas instead, which is more alike to the Java3D approach (of which I have some familiarity with). Then I saw the game_types page on the wiki, and it said that SimplePassGame and SimpleHeadlessGame are best to intergrate with Swing! Arrghhhh! How do I know what approach I want? I’m a bit wary of anything with ‘simple’ in the title, in case it can’t do everything I need it to later down the line.

Basically, I want to be able to programmatically build a model of the bones of the hand, and then add joints so it can move. The whole thing could then be controlled by Swing components in the same window. Thank you for any help!

You could take a look at Physics Fun, it uses StandardGame and jMEDesktop  (Swing Controls) to create basic physic shapes.

To get started or to Prototype your application, you can also extend from SimplePhysicsGame.

Once you get familiar with jME and jME Physics you can swith over to StandardGame and GameStates (or any other Game implementation you like)

Had a quick look at PhysicsFun; my app doesn't need to be as complicated as that with the Swing over the top of the graphical bit. I just want to have, say a JPanel with some controls on the left, and the graphical pane on the right. Not fullscreen or anything. In any case, what exactly is a JMEDesktop? I've searched, but I can't seem to find a decent definition… the API isn't much use. Thank you for your ideas, though…

ah,well then you can also take a look at RenParticleEditor or RenControlEditor thats what you are looking for.

Its like jMESwingTest but has more functionality.

If you need Physics, you can simply create a PhysicsSpace and work with that.

In any case, what exactly is a JMEDesktop?

i think jMEDesktop renders the Swing stuff to a Texture and displays that in jME.