Building JME3 Android Projects with Eclipse

How to completely write an Android Application based on JME3 with Eclipse?

I tried it already but the result is: MANY ERRORS
Some of these errors:
Problem with DEX conversion,
Problem with compiling native JARs

Please write an Android example of JME3 written by Eclipse and release it.

Thank You.

Try this.

It’s impossible to solve errors without at least a stacktrace, but DEX errors are usually as a result of method count limits. If you target API 20 or less, you need to follow a few steps documented on the Google website about this known limitation. If you target API 21 or above, I believe all this is done automatically.

Regarding compiling native jars, I’m completely in the dark without a stacktrace.

I’ve written an Android game. It is tedious at times but it’s more an Android thing than the engine itself. Perseverance is the order of the day :slight_smile:

My code is very simple, just a MainActivity and (SimpleApplication) and JME libs.
It’s targeting API 21.

I want an Android example of JME3 (I said jMonkeyEngine v3.2.1).
My is just setting background color to blue.

Sometimes it runs on my device but it crashes: decodejme lib error or openal error and many errors.

If anyone can build an Android JME3 Project, please send me in hub or at

Note: I don’t wanna write this by Android Studio. Actually, I hate it because of Gradle Errors, Build Errors and…

What I need is a simple Eclipse Android Project based on JME3.
If there is no way, I will use Unity.

It’s using Gradle and I hate Gradle.

I only use gradle and Android studio I’m afraid, and unless the project is pre 2015, I’m quite certain everything else will be gradle-based too.

Hate is such a strong word. I personally find it a godsend, but it does take some time understanding it, as with everything so complex.

I think the best way is using JME SDK to build Android projects.
What do you think?
And any examples?

Well… good luck finding a good Android project template which doesn’t use Gradle in 2018.

Finally, It worked.
I used JME SDK to build APK and signed it by jarsigner.

Thank you!!! :heart_eyes: