Building JME3 source fails

I’m following

to build my own JME3 version, but the Build and Run step fails.

When clicking “Clean and Build”, it gives:

Building jar: C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsJME-modbuild



C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsJME-modnbprojectbuild-impl.xml:1198: Unable to create directory as a file already exists with that name: C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsJME-modbuild

BUILD FAILED (total time: 3 seconds)

Trying again gives:

C:UsersArieDocumentsProjectsJME-modnbprojectassets-impl.xml:5: A zip file cannot include itself

BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)

Do I have to do additional steps, not mentioned in the tutorial?

Uh, do you have an assets folder in that checked out directory by any chance? It works fine for me…


It came with the checkout automatically (and I only checked out /trunk/engine).

Shall I remove it?

hehe… deleting “Project Assets” doesn’t leave much of the project:

Uh, you’re not supposed to have an assets node for the jme3 sources, something is severely wrong with your checkout…

I don’t see what I could do differently…

I have the same problem, but I can build the project… Though I get random weird misfunctions (sometimes build.xml, or build-impl.xml gets overwritten, and have to revert them, etc.)

The project assets recognition is running wild somehow… oO I think it might be @Momoko_Fan committed some data in the project properties that make it think jME3 is a jMP project.

That was in fact it, I removed the properties from the project. Because there was an assets.folder property in the properties of jme3, jMP created the assets-impl.xml and modified the build process to include it. Also the “Project Assets” folder was shown because of this. Just checkout jme again and build it, this time it should work normally. If you already opened and changed it, close the project, delete the contents of the nbproject folder and check that out again.

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Works like a charm!