Bullet javadoc found, but sources not found

may it be that the jME-sources.zip is outdated compared to the jME-javadoc.zip?
I can see the javadoc for all the bullet classes, but I cannot see the sources - so a “>Navigate>to sources” fails sometimes, showing me a .class file in the netbeans cache.

The javadoc is complete:

The sources lack ‘control’ and ‘debug’ packages:

I was just exploring the jme3test.bullet.TestWalkingChar.java when I found this.

As a quick solution/workaround to keep working you could download th engine directly from svn and just look there if the sources are missing. (or add it to the source search paths or similar)

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Maybe it got screwed when it updated. Go to “Help -> About” to locate the cache directory. Close jme and and delete everything inside the cache dir. Restart, and hopefully you should be back in action.