Bullet Natives will not run on the device

i have a problem with the jME3-bullet-natives-android.jar.
I wanted to try TestPhysicsCharacter.java on android therefor i add
to my libs.

But the following error occurred

[2014-01-01 20:39:04 - JMEclipse-Android] The library ‘jME3-bullet-natives-android.jar’ contains native libraries that will not run on the device.
[2014-01-01 20:39:04 - JMEclipse-Android] The following libraries were found:
[2014-01-01 20:39:04 - JMEclipse-Android] - armeabi-v7a/libbulletjme.so
[2014-01-01 20:39:04 - JMEclipse-Android] - armeabi/libbulletjme.so
[2014-01-01 20:39:04 - JMEclipse-Android] - x86/libbulletjme.so

Any ideas how to fix that


You don’t need to do that, just keep the normal jbullet libraries in the project settings.

ok thanks its working =D

Just a question, where can I find the x86 version of libbulletjme.so?

Depends on where you get your engine from… because if you use the SDK its just there in the mobile android project if you use bullet. So I guess you are using some special build setup. Normally its in jME3-bullet-natives-android.jar

I’ve created a mobile project from JME SDK, but if I try to install on an Intel emulator it fails with error: “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS]”. I’ve tried to import the mobile project in Android Studio, but in the jniLibs folder I have only two folders: “armeabi” and “armeabi-v7a”. I’ve heard that for Intel architecture there should be a folder “x86”, but i can’t find the libbulletjme.so for x86.

probably its not there since x86 android is exotic and noone who works on the native build has a device for it.
But you could see if you can get it running and if, you could make a push request on github.

To preserve the x86 libs in your apk just remove this line from nbproject/mobile-impl.xml:

<delete dir="mobile/libs/x86"/>

I’m using Genymotion emulator which requires x86 libs.

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Removing a line from that file is no good idea as it gets rebuilt by the SDK, the proper way is overriding it in the main build.xml, which means copying the whole target and removing that line. Thanks for the catch though.