Bump Mapping: tangent space generator for arbitraty meshes + shaders + tools

I have tried many times to make the bump-mapping work. Every time I ended up hitting a wall and walking away with a strong feeling of dissatisfaction. Well, I have had enough!

Here is a tangent space generator that works on arbitrary meshes. Also the package includes a couple of bump mapping shaders and many tools to enable loading and display of bump-mapped models. You can use these tools to write a custom model loader or extend and existing one.

Right now the only custom loader provided is obj loader that works with “-bump” option used in the material file. However it should be pretty straightforward to extend any other loader to enable bump-mapping.

This is an alpha release, please report any bugs and don’t get mad if the API gets changed :slight_smile:


Cool, sounds like a useful util

Thanx renanse! There are still some issues to work out, however.

The most important performance issue right now: by some reason incorrect vertex attributes are being used when meshes are locked (can be seen with several bump-mapped meshes on the screen).

I think that OpenGL attributes get overwritten when specifying custom vertex attributes on locked meshes.