Bump Mapping

Hello again!

I’ve been taking a new tactical approach to my next potential JME gaming adventure. Having bounced from pillar to post to try and find decent artists interested in a hobby/project, I was never able to get a good momentum going so I’ve decided to work on the modelling side myself. My art is shocking, but my low-poly Blender modelling is getting pretty handy.

My next venture then is to start importing my models from Blender (2.5) in to JME world (which I assume is best handled by importing into JMP?). I have some questions that I couldn’t find answered in my searches, so wondering if you could answer them:

  • Is bump mapping supported in JME3? I couldn't find any documentation.

  • For my static objects, Can I export as a .obj file? I can play around with JMP if required.

  • For my rigged objects, what are my chances with the latest Ogre exporter? I appreciate it's still work-in-progress, but I'm seeing that in general, people are having success using it. Are there any tricks/catches I need to look out for?

I'm looking forward to my next adventure here. I hope I can be more efficient this time round!


Bump mapping is supported yeah, but normally you use normal maps for that nowadays. You can convert grayscale bumpmaps to normal maps using the texture editor in jmp.

You can export .obj for static meshes sure. I believe for rigged models, you can rig them in 2.57 but you shouldn’t do any animation because jme does not support animation for 2.57 yet. You should import the model into 2.49b and do the animation there.

…or use the blender importer in the latest jme3 svn versions for blender 2.57+

yeh or that :P, i was just explaining about the ogre xml exporter for rigging as he asked

You guys are great. I’ll use normal maps. To be honest, I haven’t quite mastered it, so I’ll keep practising until I get it just right.

How exciting that JME has a Blender importer. It’s gonna make it a very appealing option if you can import straight in… Almost a no-brainer !

normen said:
..or use the blender importer in the latest jme3 svn versions for blender 2.57+

@normen: What are the features the new blender importer offer?It already supports animations?


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normen said:

Cool! Then if OgreXmlExporter can't export blender 2.57 animations i guess the blender loader is more useful.