Bus or Alse

Hi its a mixed and complicated question.
Now i got a game processes and objects ,and i got a suspect that some of them might get called and modified by several sources at a time .My question is what and how should i use to manage this,is there any bus function implemented in JME or other things you could suggest ? any suggestion is wellcome :slight_smile:

For example ,lets say i got a soldier with its AI that doing a thing ,and then arrive player and hit him,lets say they are in different treads and in different cores .I migt be a bit confused as allways but … :smiley:


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What you intend with “What” ?
My question is how to manage several process accessing same object at a same time


Use an ES?

Be more specific?

ES ? what is ES ?
Lets say i have class Soldier and 100 objects :soldier1,soldier2 and soo on.
Lets say i say treadOne move this guys forward 1 step each frame.
Lets say i have other thread threadTwo that manages player,player arrive at soldier and hit him,same time as threadOne moves him forward. threadTwo says stay and die,threadOne says go gorward.
I need to lock object and its data soo only one tread at time can change it.and other one cant open it at a same time

Some thing like this Lock Objects (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes > Concurrency)

This would cause you to get an error due to updating the scene graph from another thread, if I understand what you’re saying correctly , so you would want to look into how to use multithreading with monkey https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/jme3/advanced/multithreading.html

Although for 100 soldiers you shouldn’t necessarily need to use multithreading, but I suppose it depends on how complex your ai is

Entity System. Also known as “Entity Component System”.

It’s precisely for managing the types of things you are talking about but there is a learning curve involved. Though it’s probably a less painful one than using threads for the first time without knowing anything about it. Sort of like juggling chainsaws when you don’t know how to juggle yet.

Note that it can be very slow.

A threading design that relies heavily on synchronized is probably a broken design. There are almost always much better ways… and synchronized is no silver bullet. It can get you into a lot of trouble if you don’t know what you are doing. (Though fortunately modern JVMs are very good at pointing out your deadlocks for you…)