Call for GSoC (and jMESoC!) mentors – Sign up to strengthen our application

We need mentors for our impending GSoC application. The estimated time commitment is about 3-5 hours a week.

If you’ve got a few years of jME3/Java-gamedev experience under your belt, please consider applying as a mentor. We’ll probably assign core developers/contributors as chief mentors, but we can’t have enough backup mentors, and the more mentors we have the better our application looks.


Mentoring sounds like fun.


I can mentor. Plenty of Java experience and I do mentoring of people in work and online all the time. I’ve filled in the form :slight_smile:

My time has been limited recently due to a new contract and other commitments however that has mostly settled down so I am looking to become more active in other areas again.


I can help, too. I think 3-4 hours per week are possible (unfortunately not much more as my job eats time in no time).

Projects I would support:

  • Waves!
  • Open Source Game

I can’t mentor due to lack of time, but I’m able and willing to answer questions based on my past mentorships for the SymPy project.

@ceiphren 3-4 hours per week is enough on the average. However, the work tends to come in chunks.
The biggest chunk is usually code review, near the end. If you’re lucky, the student delivers production-quality code and you spend just an hour browsing and signing the thing off; if you’re unlucky, the review will take a whole day (better do that on a free weekend), and if you’re very unlucky, you’ll need several rounds of review.

Cheers @toolforger ! No doubt I’ll have a couple questions for you from time to time.

I need to write up the “How do I get started (with jMonkeyEngine/GSoC)?” now. If anyone can think of something that has to be included on such a page, let me know.

Take a look at GSoC 2014 Application Template · sympy/sympy Wiki · GitHub , they say it much better than I could do individually :slight_smile:
(UPDATE: Much of what they want is SymPy-specific, for JME; that page is best read as a “shopping list”.)

Alrightly, first draft of the Application Template is now available for review:


Important update to mentors: Please create an account on the GSoC page and then go to this page:

From there, type in ‘jMonkeyEngine’, select it from the list, and send us a message saying you want to mentor, along with your first name and @username on this forum.

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