Camera Calculations

What I am trying to accomplish is I am trying to find a point at an exact distance from the camera. For example. suppose I what to shoot a laser that is always 10 units in front of the camera, or maybe it is firing in the direction the camera is facing but it is 10 units at a 45 degree angle to the left of the camera. I’m sorry, its been a while since I had calculus and trig, so I don’t remember how to do this.

I think in the wiki in the beginners section there’s a sample for mouse picking, I think that is a good start maybe. Furthermore there is a math for dummy’s (just study the head of this page and you will for sure find it). Then you have the base for ray casting (in your case just form the cam pos and lookat direction) and the base for the math…

This can be achieved with nodes alone. Take a look at the scenegraph for dummies link in the header above. Note that the camera also has a node called CameraNode that will probably aid you.