Camera#contains javadoc outdated

I’ve caught unpredictable behavior, when tried to use Camera.contains , then checked javadoc and found the reason why.

But javadoc is a bit outdated. This PR updates javadoc according observable behavior: Camera#contains javadoc updated by kkolyan · Pull Request #1373 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

actually, I’m not absolutely sure that we need to deal with BoundingVolume.checkPlane, because my case works well with ignoring it. But as I see from code, ignoring checkPlane may change contains algorythm flow and lead to mistakes.

It still checks all of the planes. It just tries to check the one that it hit last time first.

The code included in your javadoc is unnecessary.

you mean only checkPlane is unnecessary?

Yes, the part you added is unnecessary. (your javadoc)

The part that was already there is necessary. (the original javadoc)

code from original javadoc is not compiling :slight_smile:

Look, I’m not going to play the “provide a little more information each time” game. I don’t have time for it today.

So I will wait to review this until all of the information is provided since this is the first I’m hearing about a compile problem.

If you want to change your PR to just fix the bv → c typo in the javadoc then that’s fine.

Yes, exactly

I do not play any games. I changed two things:

  1. c → bv
  2. added checkPlane and added question about this change necessity

I thought it’s clear from diff (which is extremely small) of PR and my second comment in this thread.
I do not understand, why you thought I only added statements with checkPlane, because in this case my second comment do not have any sense in conjunction with PR. But ok, next time will try to be more detailed.

Now PR conains only first change, because you’ve confirmed that second change is unnecessary.

PS: bv -> c, of course :slight_smile: