Camera movement in motion

Hi there!

Recently I started with my first game project as I’m pretty new to game development. My project so far is going quite well but I do want to add a feature to my game which I have no idea to do.

I have a CameraNode called cameraNode, in one stage in the game it rotates on the X-axis so that it looks at a different direction. But what I want the camera to do is, is that it should rotate in a motion kind of way and not in a jump motion so that it looks like if someone real rotates or moves the camera.

I did use the ‘lookAt’ method and I though using ‘rotate’ would have worked but it didn’t. If anyone can help me then I will greatly appreciate it!


Have a control or app state.

Set the desired position in the control/app state.

Each frame move from current position towards desired position using tpf to decide how far to move…

Thanks man! Truly appreciate the help!

You can find some trick on my camera implementation :

The current camera is for an Xbox controller but you can still find some of the mecaninc behind motion camera system

Thanks bro, I see you also uploaded your game project for people to check your source code, sweet! The game you made looks very well done.