Camera Prob/Bug

Hi all,

In the test terrain (thats the demo I tried this on anyway), if you move the mouse in an oval shape fast enough while looking at a mountain, you would notice that the camera would start to flip upside down. Is that a bug, or is it me?

Well… if you rotate fast enough at some point your are going to rotate about the camera’s x axis more than 180 degrees, and flip the camera over.

but shouldn’t just go left, up, right, down, left…etc? instead of actually rotating?

Oh, I know what you are referring too… the rolling. Misunderstood your original question. It appears setLockAxis has stopped working for some reason. I’ll look into it… sometime.

Fixed… was an obvious issue. Committing a couple fixes right now.

thx, perhaps this thread should be moved to the bugs forum?

nah, it’s closed.