Camera tilting

Hey all,

I am very very new to jMonkeyEngine, and I am trying to learn a bit of it for my 3rd year uni project. I have been reading stuff for the past 2-3 weeks, and for the past couple of days I have sat down to make something from scratch.

I am having difficulties with the camera. At the moment, i am using the SimpleGame and it has a different camera, 'cam' - as you all know. I am trying to manually tilt this camera down, so it looks at the board (a little rectangle made). I dont want it to be upright, otherwise it will be 2D, but rather in an angle. I have set all the correct locations of the camera (using setLocation()), but I have been looking up and down and there is absolutely no way of me tilting the camera in different directions, only up-down-forward-backward-left-right.

I have had a look into com.jme.input.action.KeyLookDownAction to see the code, and the code (as far as I know) is pretty useless for my case.

Please help me out, since I am lost (BIG time)…

Thanking you all in advance,


So you have already a board? Did you try something like:

cam.lookAt(board.getWorldTranslation()) ?

I have to admit that most of the time I have problems with positioning the camera as well… :smiley:

hey ttrocha,

THANK YOU, you a life saver - :slight_smile:

Really appreciated


Btw, if using something like cam.setLocation(…) etc don't forget to use cam.update() as well.

As far as I know the cam won't do anything without that…


already figured that one out the hard way :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again