CameraNode movement


what is correct:

  • The camera is moved and the cemaraNode is following or
  • The cameraNode is moved and the camera is following

    I make use of the ChaseCamera which needs to knonw the camera. After I made the cameraNode visible via a simple box I noticed that the camera is moved but the cameraNode not.

    How can I achieve the cameraNode to follow the camera and vise versa by using ChaseCamera.

    I would like to implement a always visible 3D arrow in front of the camera which points to the next gate to navigate to with the vehicle.

    Does the parent-child relationship also reflect position and rotation of the parent?

the camera follows the camera node.

So you could attach your 3D Arrow to the camera node and move the camera node around.

ok, thats a good logic.

But the ChaseCamera Input Handler moves the camera…