Can I have one mesh with many textures applied? -Short post


I was looking for a way of making multi texturing in jme3 and I started to consider the heightmap solution

which would allow me to have 3 textures…

But I would like to know if any more simple solution is possible?

If you are talking about terrain texturing you could use texture splating :

Otherwise you could map multiple textures into one like this :

Yea Im actually not talking terrain.

I want to make a room, but do not wish to make 1000x1000 pixels textures just because I got a big floor.

I want to be able to have the wallpaper, which is tileable, to be one file and floor another etc.

But from what I’v read only way is to use shader, but no example of using it has been found :confused:

You just want your texture to repeat? That’s easy. Set the texture to repeat and use big texture coordinates… ie: scale them up.

Ok! Let’s go :


There are two ways for texturing the room:

1 - create the room model and assign each vertex group to itself material, each material with itself texture(s). So each vertex group will be a geometry with itself material.

2 - create multiple models with itself material, each material with itself texture(s). Like : wallLeft, wallRight, wallFront, wallBack, wallpaper and etc.


I don’t know if the best way to do a flat floor is creating a terrain with texture splatting or a simple physics flat floor. The core members can explain better.

Edit: Yeah, the repeating textures way like @pspeed said might be what you are searching for.

Yes, I need to repeat, Tho I need one texture for wall which got repeat and one for the floor.

I think Ill have to go with the divide up the room idea…

Thanks :slight_smile: