Can I rotate the joint as much as I want?

Hello, thank you so much for your kind answers here.

I did various tests with a joint, and I am posting because I have a question.

Can I rotate the joint by adjusting the angle as much as I want? It’s not pushing with force, it’s just going and stopping at the desired angle like a machine.

I’ve tried to find a similar example, but I can’t find one that moves as much as the radians I want.

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There are many classes of physics joints:

For HingeJoint, New6Dof, SixDofJoint, and SixDofSpringJoint, rotation limits can be disabled by setting upperLimit < lowerLimit for each rotation axis.

Point2PointJoint and SliderJoint don’t have rotation limits.

I’m unsure how to disable the limits of a ConeJoint.

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I found a similar example

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Now I understand what you meant by your question.

I’ve added a section on servos to the Minie documentation: