Can run in IDE, but .app not launching

I run successfully in the IDE with the -d32 my native libraries require. But when I create an .app package using the IDE and attempt to run it, it dies silently, leaving this in the system console log:

3/13/13 11:46:18.130 AM JavaApplicationStub[30621]: Unrecognized Java VM option ignored: -d32
3/13/13 11:46:18.303 AM[132]: ([0x0-0x1715714].com.resounding.apps.player.PlayerClient[30621]) Exited with code: 1

I realize this may be an issue with JavaApplicationStub, but if I remove the -d32 option, the launch dies in another manner I can’t even think of how to workaround:

3/13/13 11:47:58.402 AM Dock[15064]: no information back from LS about running process
3/13/13 11:47:58.669 AM[132]: ([0x0-0x1724723].com.resounding.apps.player.PlayerClient[30648]) Exited with code: 1

It is not, apparently, complaining about the daft quarantine system.

Is there any means by which I can get this to run, preferably with a -d32 flag?


you can create a .bat file, launch the program + add the arguments there.

I think @pspeed said the JVM arguments aren’t transferred to the .exe that jME makes