Can’t find the Neotexture plugin

This is probably just a stupid question, but I can’t find the plugin for NeoTexture. Where do I download it? And if it’s already in the installer: The library is not within my list when I press “Add Library”.

Could someone please tell me where to download this?

I also tried to add the JAR file from NeoTextureEdit.jar, but this is of course not the right file. And I have also read this, but the NeoTexture-Libraries just isn’t in the list.

Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins

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Hello guys I also have the same problem.I’m using the SDK 3.1.
There is no NeoTexture plugin in Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins.
I have enabled every type of plugin in Settings.
Is the NeoTexture plugin still supported?

Its working still but as the whole web part of jME was messed up with constant server switches and CMS changes the update / plugin repository for 3.0 was destroyed so you can’t get updates or plugins anymore. For 3.1 the plugins were never ported.

I don’t see the contribution plugins in our github repo anymore either so I guess somebody decided they’re not needed.

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Ah, cool, they still exist. You’d still have to build them yourself though.