Can’t get jMP alpha 4 to launch

After updating to the latest nightly (as far as I could update) without being able to update further. Graphics drivers for nVidia n220 have been updated to latest.

Thanks for any tips.

Edit: I receive this message upon launch:

Error opening openGL window!

your graphics card needs to support openGL 2.0 or later. AFAIK this card supports openGL 3.1 and later

What happens when you just ignore it and maximize the sceneviewer once?

This means there’s an exception when initializing, but for some reason jMP won’t tell you what the real error is …

Yes it does, when that window opens you normally also get a stacktrace (warning sign)

I can’t seem to ignore the error. anything I try to click displays the same error. I have to ctrl+alt+del kill the process :frowning:

do you have latest update?

If you have latest nightly update do so:

1 go to menu Windows → Reset Windows

2 then JMP will freeze.

3 then kill the process.

4 then open again jmp.

I hope it will help. If it will not help, so remove JMP and install Alpha 4 without updates. And do such instructions:

I’ll try that, btw this might have been caused by disabling the welcome screen.

Yes, the welcome screen makes the context be active at least once, which apparently makes starting it afterwards safer. So just keep the welcome screen on :wink: