Can we convert or translate and run JME sources inside places like Unity and Unreal engine by using a specific library?

I know this is a mental question but most things we use today was mentally brought.
I just wanna know if there’s such a great library that performs magic and allows us to convert/translate JME sources and makes it possible for us to run them inside places like Unity and Unreal engine since they’re both game engines and graphic rendering softwares.

For example, the Java source code that is used for building the regular blue Box inside JME should be converted to C# and be able to run inside Unity since we understand how to do just that in JME but not yet in Unity. The library should help us do the converting process and makes it possible to run the JME blue Box source code inside Unity :grin:

In a word: no.

…but if you figure out it, there are companies like Google who would probably pay you millions of dollars. It’s really kind of impossible. A fully general AI might be able to do it with some years of software development training.

And that sentence is where the similarities end. They have different designs, architectures, and philosophies on a fundamental level.

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I did a little research about converting Java source to C# and came across Tangible Softwares Solutions which have been actively maintained since 2004-2022 and thought it would make the dream come true.


Cross-language translation is just a teeny tiny tiny teensy tiniest part of the problem.

Let’s say you have a recipe you like for cookies. The recipe is written in Korean. It is relatively easy to translate that recipe into English.

It is really difficult to translate that recipe into making cookie-shaped sculptures made of glass.

“But they are both making things!!!”

With all due respect and with the lightest/purest reading of the word “ignorance”, the question itself shines light on ignorance of the subject matter. ie: when you have more experience, you will probably understand why it’s really hard.


Perhaps understanding the underlying logic will give you an idea of the amount of work and knowledge required by Unity to fully transform JME
It would be a lot of knowledge a lot of knowledge! :joy:

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