Can you make a movie using JME?

I know that there are programs where you can make a movie out of a game. Red versus Blue is an example. Can you do that with JME. I am new to JME and have looked around some, I got kind of lost. Does any one know how to make a movie of JME?

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If you mean can you record video of your game you’ve coded in jME there is nothing directly in jME that will allow you to do that (certainly nothing requiring no work on your part anyway).  You’ll need to use an external program like Taski.

If you mean can jME be used to record other games, then no.

Simply surfing a bit, I found this:

What about one for a Mac? My brother thanks you. He has been looking for an external video recorder.

Thanks. I don't know how you do it. I always get junk when I surf.