Can you use the guiNode to create a 2D game?

As the title says, it is perfectly plausible to create a 2D game using the guiNode? Does everything function as it would in the rootnode (such as particles, raycasting, etc). Are there any shortcomings in using the guinode for a game?

The gui node is in the GUI viewport. meaning that you’ll have your GUI in the same node.
If you want to make a 2D game you just have to use parallel projection for the mainViewport camera (set it up like it’s done for the GUI node ) and use the regular root node

Also, the GUI bucket has no depth. It’s scaled to 0. It draws Geometry in back to front order but the geometry itself (if 3D) will interpenetrate in all kinds of nasty ways.

So unless you are making a sprite based game then you should definitely stay away from the guiNode.

The neon vector tutorial use sprites, particles, and it’s guiNode only.