Cannot Create Window

Hi there

I installed the jME on VM 32bit on Netbeans 6.5

If i want to create an Window like this one in the first Tutorial i get an Error:

Cannot Create Window

I think i installed DX correctly (it is a virtual machine so i had to install it) so what could this exception mean?

Or do i have to check if DX is installed correctly?

Do i need to install OpenGL? I'm not sure but i thought it is implemented in DX.




I think i need to have a driver for the VM that supports DX and OpenGL

Do you know what drivers there are? Or which one do you use?

I don't find anything with google.

And do i have to install DX manuell after the driver is installed? Or does it support anything after i have it?

JME only used openGL, not DX at all.

What VM are you using, as many of them don't support openGL?

I use the normal VMPlayer

I have got a Windows XP 32bit System on it.

Or what do you mean with what i use?

Would it be better to use VirtualBox? Does all run on this Virtualcomputer?

why do you need to use a VM at all ?

Because i have got a 64bit system.

But my problem is solved.

I use my Notebook.

The first time i tryed to install jme on it it failed.

But now all did correctly

Now i will try to get much experience with the jME.

Thnx for help