Cannot use audio on JMonkey(MacOS)

I’m getting this error on JME saying that I cannot use audio

Pausing audio device not supported.
OpenAL EFX not available! Audio effects won't work.

I tried to install OpenAL using this OpenAL: Cross Platform 3D Audio but I couldn’t install it because it’s only for windows.

Is there any way to solve this issue?


In JMonkeyEngine v3.5.2, the “jme3-lwjgl3” library should automatically pull in OpenAL binaries for both Intel macs and ARM (“Apple Silicon”) macs.

However, the diagnostic message doesn’t actually mean that OpenAL is unavailable. I think it’s saying that the ALC_EXT_EFX extension feature of OpenAL isn’t present. That probably has to do with limitations of the audio drivers on your mac, or maybe the hardware. Basic audio functions might still work.

If ALC_EXT_EFX extensions are important to you, you might try upgrading your operating system to the latest version and making sure you’re using version 3.5.2 of “jme3-lwjgl3” library.

Source code references:

OpenAL specification docs:

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