Cant figure out how to download / Install JME 2.0 Alpha


Since it has been mentioned that a lot of stuff wont be backwards compatible after the 2.0 final is out, I thought it would make sense to make the sense as early as possible… but… having only ever worked with things like Team Foundation Server of VS, I cant figure out how to download the code…

I downloaded Eclipse for the sole purpose of downloading the Subversion plug-in so I could download through SVN… but I have no idea how to make this work and its frustrating me to a point where Im close to giving up completely :frowning:

The only thing I have to go on is the website posted by renanse in his original release post, but how that goes from that to my harddrive ready to compile, I dont have a clue. I have been trying to follow the documention with the plugin, but that is about the worst written website and help file I have ever seen and I am no closer, so could someone  kindly point me in the right direction…?


the process should be fairly similar to the Eclipse Guide for jME (except for the CVS parts), just instead of the server address you will be using the jME 2 svn server address. Also, I suggest looking at something like TortoiseSVN, it makes life really easy.

Thanks man - checked it out, was about 10 times easier with Turtoise :slight_smile: Appriciate it!

For anyone who might stumble upon this post in the future - do this:

  1. Get Turtoise SVN and install it!
  2. Find the folder to download to and right click it
  3. Choose SVN checkout and input only the HTTP address from
  4. Done!

Yeah i'm struggling too, I get "400 Bad Request in response to Options."

What client are you using to checkout the source? And are you trying to get jME 1.0 or jME 2.0?

Im trying to get jME 2.0 from google code and im using tortoise.

Try these steps…

  1. Create a new folder named 'jME2'.
  2. Right click on that folder and select 'SVN Checkout…'.
  3. In the 'URL of Repository' field type:
  4. Hit 'OK'

    If that doesn't work then you have something else going on!

Fantastic, works a treat :slight_smile:

I swear the SVN address on google code is wrong,  might wana check that out!

I think you're the second one to say that today.