Can't get a child node to rotate but it does translate

I’m hesitant to ask this because of how stupid my last question was but here it goes.

I have the following …



---- ShipModel (Node)

--Thruster(node)---ShipGeo (TriMesh)

So ShipModel is a Node which has a thruster attached to it and the ship geometry.

When I translate the ShipModel node the particles and the ShipGeo get translated the same amount which is expected. However, when I rotate the shipModel the shipGeo rotates but the particles do not.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I might be forgetting to do? I just found it odd that the particles translate but they don't rotate.

The thruster node has a particle manager attached to it and that's what isn't rotating. Just wanted to clarify that. I assumed that if the thruster node was rotating then the particle manager attached would rotate as well.

I found this thread here

which seems to be the problem I'm having but I don't quite understand the solution.
Thanks for any help!