Can't install JMonkey for Windows

I just downloaded JMonkey for 64 bit (which it states in control panel so that shouldn’t be issue) computer at work and get the following problem when trying to open the installer: “An error occured while verifying bundled JVM. Most probably the bundled JVM is not compatible with the current platform.” And then only option is to exit installer… any thoughts? I would love to get JMonkey as I have it on my Mac but can’t use that at work!

Sorry if this was posted before but from what I saw the questions/responses didn’t match my problem.

Possibly try re downloading, and/or run as admin?

Hmm I tried re-downloading and then also restarting computer to no avail. I also tried running as Administrator which still gave same error.

So what is your platform? Windows isn’t very specific, could be Windows 3.11

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That’s your work computer so it probably doesn’t have JDK/JRE installed.

Which is why jmp comes bundled with an vm which might not work on that Computer either because it’s Windows 10 or because it’s like Windows 98 :stuck_out_tongue: (or something different which is to be investigated)

I do have the JDK-8u60-windows-x64. Since I can run eclipse.
It’s Windows 7.

Should definitely work on Win7, maybe the download got corrupted, try downloading directly from here:

Still wasn’t working so I ended up getting the IT guy to help. He disabled Kaspersky anti-virus and it installed after that. Thanks for the input guys!

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ahhh anti-virus…

Funny I’m running Kaspersky myself too, with no problems at all. Perhaps you should check your settings.