Can't open a project?


I am hoping to use JME3 to learn some java, currently I am somewhat familiar with Python so I hope I can do this! Unfortunately, I can not do any of the tutorials because I can not create a new project I downloaded the SDK and the Java SDK, but when I make a new project I can’t open it. A few folders and files get made in my mydocs/netbeans projects folder but I can not open anything. I get the following message: “<unrecognized project; missing plug-in?>”. What am I doing wrong?


Matt Try uninstalling incl deleting the settings and reinstall without Antivirus software, also make sure you have a current JDK installed.

Thanks! I just did them in the wrong order, Java SDK has to be first. :slight_smile:

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Aye :slight_smile: Glad you got it working.