Can't run built application

I’m new to jMonkey and I haven’t quite figured out how to configure everything. I have configured the properties to build a Windows x64 and x86 application, but when I go to run the application from its .exe file, I get 3 errors:

Failed to open registry key! SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment
No bundled runtime and can not find system JRE
Failed to launch JVM

I initially had Java 13 installed on my system with the path variables configured, but I uninstalled it trying to troubleshoot. If I go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER in my registry editor and navigate to JavaSoft, there is no Java Runtime Environment, just Prefs > j/Monkey/Engine

Am I missing something super simple?

i have no idea what most of what you said means, but if something can’t find java, you usually need to set the JAVA_HOME variable.

My JAVA_HOME variable is set along with my PATH variable.

At the moment JME only supports up to Java 11, I have heard of people using it on 12 with some luck.

How are you building your JME application? Are you using the JME SDK, or a different IDE?
Are you using the default JME SDK Ant, or are you using a different build system like gradle or maven?

If you open a command line and run the java command does it work?

How are you trying to run your application? From inside the IDE or using the built binaries?

Lastly, welcome to the JME forums! We always love having new people around. I recommend reading over our wiki for guides on how JME works

Many of us do not use the JME SDK which is built on netbeans, instead we use other IDEs such as IDEA, and many of us are using gradle (and a couple old schoolers like myself are using maven).
There are resources on the forum for getting started with gradle, but for now lets figure out what is wrong with your current setup and we can go from there.