Can't save javax.mail.jar

Title says it all, I save the javax.mail.jar file somewhere in the project, then add the javax.mail.jar file and load it into the project, but every time I exit and re-open the project, the project is unable to find the javax.mail.jar file.

How do I resolve this?

Not sure if this will help, but I just put few necessary jars into jmonkeyplatform/libs folder where all the JME ones are stored. Since then it opens normally w/o manually picking them every time.

I put jars in my project directory all the time without issue. You must have some other problem that we can’t see.

…for example: we don’t even know what platform you are running. More information = better.

Have to note, that most of my solutions are of “so far - so good” type, not kind of final ones. No doubt pspeed can provide more general one, but we really don’t know yet what the issue is.