Can't Start jME3 up, HELP!

I am doing a school project for school, and I need this software downloaded onto the school’s computer. As some are aware, school computer security is pretty ridiculous, so I would like so help so I can tell the administrators what to do.

I have downloaded everything, and I can open it, but while it’s loading, I gives me an error:

I says that the jmonkeyplatform.exe has stopped working.

It also gives us some more information on the problem:

Problem event name:APPCRASH







What should I tell the tech crew at my school to do to give me access to the program?

Thanks for anybody’s help!

Hi @joshardo,

Silly question but better ask it anyway. Did you verify the obvious things, such as having Java version > 1.6 ? (I’m not sure which other things are “obvious” … heheh :p)

I am almost 100% positive that the school has the latest sofware and stuff becasue the system that I’m on already has other programming things on it (like netbeans and eclipse). Not really sure if that exactly means that I have have the lastest version, I just know I have that stuff.

Let’s assume that I have the latest version of everything, what should I do then?

And by the way, the error message would pop up when it’s starting the modules (i’m not sure what “starting the modules” means).

Can you try downloading jME3 nightly here:

And see if the TestChooser works?

Never assume :slight_smile:

@Momoko_Fan said:
Can you try downloading jME3 nightly here:
And see if the TestChooser works?

What do I have to do exactly with the jME3 nightly thing?
What exactly is the TestChooser?

Its an exe, you run it.