Can't use mouse in SDK Debugger

When I start my game in the SDK’s debugger, it runs to the first breakpoint and then stops, as expected. However, the game seems to have taken over de mouse because I don’t get a mouse cursor, and I need one to inspect the game state in the debugging windows.

Is there a way to make the mouse available in these circumstances?

Thanks for any help!

Is it maybe flycam? In your simpleinit method try flycam.setenabled(false);

Can’t really tell without code. Alternatively you can override the constructor and add an empty array of appstates to its superconstructor.

While your around, what happened to the screen with all the graphs and visuals?

Where did the panel containing the profiling info go? The one where you could see everything real time?

Yes, you’re right.


works. Thanks!

Sorry I’m on my phone. I should be more descriptive, agreed.

Overriding the constructor will also remove the statsappstate and maybe something else. I forget which.

I generally do it on all projects and clear all keybindings as a matter of routine.

Oh you mean this?

I generally get bored fast once I’ve got past my initial intrigue, though I do often think about revisiting the idea.

No, but I haven’t seen that yet.

I found out the problem. When updating to 3.2 none of my plugins carried over. I reinstalled it.


Years and years ago I wrote a little plugin for the SDK to ungrab the mouse. On my linux machine at the time LWJGL grabbed the mouse (because flycam said it should) but it wasn’t ungrabbed when the debugger kicked in. Maybe it’s the same thing still:

It’s just a one-liner call to LWJGL, if they still have the same API maybe you can still use it.
When the debugger halts your application you can go into the “inspection” window (or whatever it’s called) and execute

This is my ancient plugin, it added a menu item on the debugger menu with a shortcut-key that executed that one liner: