Catch mouse


I’m surprised that I’m the first to ask this but I didn’t find it in the forum or in the wiki.

How do you catch the mouse ? I tried the obvious and called: inputManager.setCursorVisible(false) but that had no effect at all. Now - as well as before - the pointer is permanently visible and the player can only turn about 60° left and right. Even fullscreen doesn’t hide the mouse.

The mouse cursor is hidded by default, you unhide it by calling : inputManager.setCursorVisible(true).

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I can see the cursos no matter if I call [java]inputManager.setCursorVisible(false)[/java] or not. In fullscreen as well as in windows mode.

Something must be setting the mouse cursor visible after you set it to invisible. What kind of input listener are you using? FlyByCamera?

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Seems so. I disabled flyCam because I thought it might clash with the cameraControl that moves the camera. I commented that line out and everything works fine.

Thank you.