Cell fractured model imports to jME wrongly


I used Cell fracture in Blender to fracture a little bit modified cube. It shows fine in Blender, but the fractures come as very distorted peaces to jME.

In jME:

In Blender:

The model:

The jMe picture didn’t come it seems… Here:

Seems like the back/front sides get mixed up. You wouldn’t see this in blender as it always renders both sides. You can check if this is the case by setting the imported faces to back & front and if it works you should fix the model in blender (recalculate normals outside or smth). You can set the import options in the Model Import Tool or via the .blend file properties if you have the .blend in your assets directory already.

Hmm, I tried all the options. Back&Front, Front, Off, Back… They don’t seem to work, they just give worse rendering

Your original model and cell fractured model are on top of each other. That’s the problem.


Yes, I also tried removing the original model. But I did it in jME instead of Blender and at least that didn’t solve the problem. Since the original model seems to be ok, but the fractures are not. Let’s see. The Blender plugin by default wants to place the fractured model to another layer and it seems that importing just some specific layer is supported in jME. I’ll try to play with it some more tonight. Thanks.

Ok. I’ve found the problems.

  1. You have tons of double vertices. Select your mesh on edit mode and ctrl+e> Remove doubles.

  2. After the fracture the mesh construction is horrible. I triangulated the model to quick solve this and now its sort of fine.

I worked with part of your model and now they look ok in jME.

Thanks a lot to @normen 's usecase tutorial videos :smiley:


Starting from the scratch…

Uncheck “Apply Split Edge” before fracturing.

After fracture, remove double vertices and then triangulate the model.

You will get a decent model now. I also used “Tries to quads” before importing to jME.


Thanks for info @iamcreasy, will save me a bunch of time when I eventually get around to fiddling with this.

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Thanks a lot @iamcreasy. The cell fracture tool in Blender is still a matter of luck (or skill), for example it leaves holes from time to time. But it is a known issue and all.

This is perfectly doable and at least the initial implementation can be even done by a complete newbie :slight_smile: With the help of some tips by @vinexgames and others (http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/destruction-of-walls/).